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Successful recovery of stolen domain names

Improbus facilitated today the safe return and recovery of stolen domain names.

Two competing companies were domain name holders of domain names associated with each other’s businesses.

In connection with maintenance on the domain name services on behalf of Company A, it was discovered that one of the domain names had been illegally transferred from ISP A to ISP B, then deleted by the registry and re-registered by the registrar within milliseconds.

This action led to the unauthorized and illegal transfer of domain name ownership from Company A to Company B. The domain name hijacking and subsequent domain name theft were made possible by means of ID theft.

Information on the method used was obtained and extensively documented by Improbus, and the persons and companies involved were confronted.

Instead of a judicial process, an amicable agreement was entered into between the parties – after mediation by Improbus:

Assuming that Company B transfer domain names that were affiliated and associated with Company A – Company A would in return refrain from reporting criminal offenses (i.e., theft of domain names) to the police, as well as permit the legal transfer one of its domain names to Company B.

In this way, the normal situation was restored in an efficient, peaceful and amicable manner – without involving the prosecution authorities or the justice system.

Improbus’ handling of the incident led to a happy outcome for both parties.