The State Standard Agreements

Improbus use The State Standard Agreements (SSA), which are contract templates for the purchase of IT and consulting services.

The agreements consist of general contract text with appendices. You will find a link to all the agreements in Norwegian (Bokmål) and English, using the respective sub-menus under ‘Documents’.

The following agreements and contracts are available

  • The Ongoing Purchases of Services Agreement (SSA-L).
  • The Assistance Agreements (SSA-B and SSA-B simplified).
  • The Operational Services Agreement (SSA-D).
  • The Purchase Agreement (SSA-K).
  • The Research and Development Agreement (SSA-O).
  • The Framework Agreement (SSA-R).
  • The Agile Software Development Agreement (SSA-S).
  • The Development and Customisation Agreement (SSA-T).
  • The Maintenance Agreement (SSA-V).
  • The Data Processing Agreement and Checklist.