Sequere pecuniam

“Follow the money”

Rates – NOK

Rate (NOK)Description (Level)
950Junior Consultant
1500Senior Consultant, grade I
1950Senior Consultant, grade II

Rates – EUR

Rate (EUR)Description (Level)
150Junior Consultant
250Senior Consultant, grade I
320Senior Consultant, grade II

Rates – USD

Rate (USD)Description (Level)
175Junior Consultant
280Senior Consultant, grade I
375Senior Consultant, grade II


Overtime (percent)Description (Type)
0Regular working hours, weekdays.
50Overtime, after 16:00 on weekdays.
100Overtime, after 19:00 on weekdays.
200Emergency assignments, after 24:00 on weekdays, inconvenient working hours, weekends and/or holidays.
400Emergency assignments during holidays and family holidays – regardless of the day of week or time of day.


  • The rates above apply unless otherwise contractually agreed or otherwise agreed upon in writing, per individual assignment.
  • Certain types of assignments must be handled outside normal working hours. In such cases, special rates may apply for the respective tasks and/or assignments, as stated above.
  • For assignments that are facilitated as a result of “conclusive action” (i.e. without pre-existing SLA or contract, etc.), the above rates apply until a written agreement is signed.
  • For assignments that are handled on an ongoing basis / e.g. “ad hoc”, a contract, framework agreement or “hour bank”-agreement applies at all times unless otherwise stated in the assignment confirmation from Improbus.
  • Improbus has a lien in all goods, services, intellectual property, physical as well as intangible until everything outstanding is paid in full.
  • Improbus reserves the right to sell or transfer claims to third parties for debt collection and recovery.