Meanwhile, the Scandinavian countries are best in the world, according to survey.


Denmark and New Zealand have the least corruption in the public sector in the world, according to the review of Transparency International. Both countries have 91 out of 100 possible points.

Norway is not far behind, as number five in the world and a score of 86 points. This is two places and 1 point better than the year before.

While this is behind most of the countries we often compare ourselves with, Sweden and Finland are in third place with a score of 89.

Two thirds of the 177 countries assessed have a score below 50 points.

– The index shows that all countries still face challenges related to corruption at all levels of government, whether there are local approvals or exercise of laws and regulations, said Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International in a message.

The worst countries according to the index are Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia.

Greece is ranked at the bottom in Western Europe with a score of 40 points.


  • This year’s index ranks 177 countries corruption in the public sector.
  • The index is based on 13 studies covering technical evaluations and views of business people.
  • The index is based on a combination of survey and reports of corruption.