Public announcement:
(as notified per email and “snail-mail”)

Improbus is currently registered with the The Brønnøysund Register Centre in Norway, as a non-profit organization (FLI).

We’ve recently submitted an additional registration, as a corporation (AS), and will transfer all commercial contracts and responsibilities from Improbus (FLI) to Improbus AS.

As 1st of January 2013, Improbus AS (corp.) is responsible for providing commercial products and services, while Improbus (FLI) will continue to provide non-profit services and pro-bono work to other non-profit organizations and associations.

This change has to be done, as a result of increased demand of our services and special expertise from the business and professional segment. Improbus strives to provide cutting-edge technology, and as research- and development is mainly done by our non-profit organization, we feel that it is important to divide these areas into two separate organizations.

For existing customers, this change will be almost unnoticeable. All services will be provided as before, phone numbers and email-addresses will remain the same, and also access to our (free) support systems.

If you’re an existing customer and you have questions relating to this minor change, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If no objection is received within 1st of January 2013, i.e. – three months – from today’s date, this is regarded as a consent to the transfer of existing customer- and contractual relationships.